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SME Advisor introduces small and medium sized businesses to best practice policies and procedures.

Importantly SME Advisor allows owners and managers of small businesses to concentrate on running their business in the comfort and knowledge that the complex areas of Human Resources, Health & Safety, Training and Business Continuity have been dealt with competently.

The Importance Of Compliance & Training

Compliance in these important areas not only makes good sense for the security of a business but can also generate new business too. When tendering for work with large companies and in the public sector a business will have to demonstrate its compliance in these areas before its bid is considered. For any business therefore wishing to win such work getting it right is essential.

All businesses are reviewing their costs and so our customers can choose as little or as much assistance as they need, this may be just a single one-off meeting, on-going consultancy or an entire portfolio of documentation and advice, whatever suits the need and the budget.

Our eLearning platform also allows employers to economically and efficiently manage the training of their employees from their desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

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