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Health and Safety needn't be a Pain in the Neck!

YES, there is an obligation for all businesses, whatever their size, to provide a safe working environment for their staff and anyone else affected by their activities.  

YES, every employer has a legal duty to assess the risks involved in all work activities and take steps to reduce these by introducing clear precise procedures.

and YES, every employer must provide all necessary training and ensure this is followed by carrying out regular monitoring and the keeping of records.

But NO, it needn't be a chore and complaince can be achieved a lot easier through the use of technology!

Compliance Made-Easy with our Cloud-Based Risk Assessment & Audit Tools

Complete risk assessments, inspections and audits from any web-enabled phone, tablet or computer.

Choose from over 80,000 risk assessment and audit templates. Simply use as they are or adapt to your needs.

Monitor complaince using our desk-top analytics. 

Management information with easily accessible charts & reports.

Do Nothing

The Health & Safety Management Process

This process of risk assessment and management can be summarised by:

Health and Safety Compliance

Much as there is currently no legal requirement for a business with less than five employees to have any written policies it is still advisable to do so in order to demonstrate compliance.

SME Advisor is able to assist you as an employer towards Health & Safety compliance through the provision of documentation, audits and support.

 Our Health & Safety Services include

  • Health & Safety Policy including Policy Statement, Organisation Chart & Arrangements
  • Cloud-based Risk Assessment & Audit tools
  • On-site & Telephone Support

It should be stressed that compliance to Health & Safety regulations cannot be delegated by the business or its officers who will therefore always remain responsible for the management of Health & Safety within their workplace.

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