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Human Resources

Managing staff is challenging for any business but this is particularly difficult for small businesses that are unlikely to have expertise in this area. With year on year changes to employment law it becomes increasingly difficult for employers to comply with the complex legislation that governs how they must manage the relationship with their staff.

Sadly, more employers are being taken to Employment Tribunal than ever before as employees become more and more aware of their employment rights and penalise any non-compliance with a tribunal claim and increasingly higher fines and compensatory awards.

SME Advisor aims to allow owners and managers of small businesses to concentrate on running their business in the comfort and knowledge that the complex area of employment law has been dealt with competently. We provide each of our customers with as little or as much as they want whether this is just a single one-off employment contract or an entire portfolio of documentation and advice.

Our Employment Services include:

  • Employment Healthcheck
  • Employment Contracts & Documentation
  • Employment Updates
  • Employment Advice

Employment Healthcheck

An examination of your existing employment documentation and procedures. The employment contract and employee handbook lay down the terms upon which you and your employees agree to work together, it is therefore vital that these pivotal documents are not only compliant with current legislation but also flexible enough to allow you to make future changes within your business. 

Employment Contracts & Documentation

We can produce employment documentation tailored to meet the requirements of your business; these include employment contracts, employee handbooks and complimentary documentation to manage new employees joining your business, throughout their stay and development and their leaving your business.

Employment Law Updates

Employment legislation changes regularly and so to keep you aware of new requirements and procedures we will publish updates on our web site, in newsletters and on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, be sure to follow us.

Employment Advice

If you subscribe to our monthly Employment Service then we will provide you with access to our Employers Helpline where both simple and complex employment issues can be discussed confidentially with a member of our team. It is vital that correct procedures are adopted as this is likely to impact upon a future claim at an Employment Tribunal. 


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