Leadership Team Development

Establish how to work most effectively together as a leadership team and as leaders of their teams. Role-modelling agile, emotionally intelligent leadership as a behaviour not simply a job title. Influencing others to demonstrate leadership, and everyone to become active participants in the business and not simply onlookers.

SafeCulture Performance Leadership™ program

This program has been developed by a collaboration of industry and leadership development professionals. The content provides real commercial value to the workplace and practical benefits in terms of personal development.

What does it do?:
- It teaches leadership as a behaviour not simply a job title
- It develops leadership teams to achieve commercial objectives
- It supports physical and mental leadership well being


  • Leadership Mentoring and Coaching

    The key lesson to be learned from having a mentor and being a mentor is the importance of remaining coachable for life.
    We run mentoring programs, uncovering and sharing the hidden knowledge and experience lying dormant in your like-minded network.

    We are qualified and passionate advocates for mentoring relationships of many forms and levels of formality.
    Mentoring and coaching develops all participants; Mentor and mentee. Coach and coachee.
    We offer brave, sensitive and relentlessly honest mentoring in all areas of commercial HR, business and personal development.

    Our mentoring shares and develops knowledge of the following:
    - Career, life and business planning
    - Brave, frank advice and feedback when required
    - Role model leadership
    - Confidential professional and personal goal setting
    - GROW coaching/mentoring model
    Ask us how to tap into this mentoring and coaching resource and how you can learn and develop while you also facilitate the development of others.

  • Developing Great Teams

    Developing great teams takes effort in order to mature a bunch of people who work together, into a high-performing team achieving fabulous things in an enjoyable way.

    A team where each member understands themselves and the other individual personality types and behaviours in their team. Learning about natural strengths, work style and areas for development.
    As MBTI certified practitioners, team development and leadership experts, we can help you understand yourself and do the same for each of your team.
    - Develop strategies to communicate and work together more effectively
    - Learn how to influence and persuade others more effectively
    - Learn how to handle difficult conversations and minimise conflict
    - Form a team with shared commitment to the achievement of commercial objectives and team values

    Resulting in great teams who are committed and able to continually develop their individual and collective performance.

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

    Improve the performance of your people, teams and organisation
    With the world’s most trusted personality instrument, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).

    The MBTI® is a highly versatile tool that has helped millions of people around the world gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others.
    Using our Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioners we are qualified in the professional and ethical administration of these instruments to provide greater self-awareness and reliable insights to assist you in understanding others and the complexities of an individual’s personality.

    This knowledge and insight is invaluable for ongoing leadership and coaching, team building, conflict management, career development and retention efforts.

  • Continuous Performance Development

    The journey to emotionally agile continuous performance development is often started from the status quo of a traditional annual process.

    However many companies have no process in place at all, having formed a view that the traditional approach adds at best
    no value and often, even worse!

    Using key learnings from implementations across different industries, organisations and team cultures we create a continuous approach to performance improvement and coachability.