What will an audit do for my business?

Look at the benefits that regular auditing your safety will bring.

- identify both good & bad practices within your business
- show your people that you care about safety
- lead by example
- protect your reputation
- protect against business interruption
- let you see what needs attention & allow you to take action, before it is spotted by the regulators (HSE, Fire, EHO)

  • Property Inspection

    Our Property Inspections are a thorough and comprehensive look at your place of work resulting in a report to enable you to see areas of non-compliance.
    The report outlines potential safety breaches with an Action Plan highlighting the actions and controls that need to be completed to minimise the risk as far as is reasonably practicable.

    If you are unable to address all of the required actions then we will work with you to help you do these.
    Like risk assessments we would recommend Property Inspections are conducted at least once a year, they are a great way of maintaining a safe working environment and avoiding statutory breaches and maintaining insurance compliance.

  • GAP Analysis

    A GAP Analysis will identify what changes need to be made to
    - policies
    - procedures
    - work practices
    - training
    - the work environment

    The audit looks at where you are now and therefore what needs to be done to be compliant with both safety regulations and insurance demands.

  • Insurance Compliance

    An insurance policy DOES NOT unconditionally cover every risk associated with your work!

    SME Advisor are NOT authorised to give advice on insurance, but... we will help you comply with your business insurance policy, notably the conditions and warranties that you must observe if you are to benefit from the cover that the policy provides. Sometimes these demands may exceed those required under safety law.

    We will help you manage your people and the work environment to be compliant.

Health & Safety Policy

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