Compliance Requirements for Tenders and Large Contracts

Using the Public Sector as a benchmark for any such PQQ requirements then the following must be suitably compliant and in practice

  • Health & Safety

    Suitable policies, procedures, risk assessments, method statements and training must be in place to demonstrate that your workers will operate as safely as is reasonably practicable.

    You will be required to show documentation and a well managed working environment with potential hazards highlighted and working practices in place to reduce such risks.

  • Fair & Ethical People Management

    The organisation issuing the tender or contract will want to know that you look after your people in a fair and ethical manner. Apart from general HR compliance they are likely to focus on the demands of Equality and Modern Day Slavery legislation.

    SME Advisor can incorporate these together with other HR best practice policies and procedures.

  • Business Continuity

    Having a strategy that demonstrates you have anticipated the risks associated with your business will build confidence with your customers of your ability to deliver the service or product that you supply.

    A Business Continuity Plan will identify key risks within your business and introduce measures to reduce or possibly remove the threat altogether.

Specialist Services

SME Advisor - Providing the tools to win contracts and tenders

SME Advisor can provide you with the necessary tools to bid for contracts or tenders, such opportunities are typically larger or within the Public Sector and will make demands upon you that you have perhaps not previously seen.
No matter how good your product or service may be you will need to satisfy these requirements to progress with your bid.

If your business is considering bidding for larger contracts, tenders or Public Sector work then let SME Advisor help by getting you “Tender Ready” with the necessary policies, procedures and strategies to give you the best opportunity to win.

Tenders & Large Contracts